Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fish Care

Fish food can be formulated for the different seasons such as a wheat-based food for cool weather and a high protein food for summer feeding. Fish food can also contain ingredients to enhance fish color and medication to help treat fish diseases. (Note: fish generally should not be fed when the water temperature is below 50 degrees.) We offer quality fish food such as our Green Vista brand as well as Sho Koi Impact.

Selecting an appropriate fish medication can sometimes be challenging. You first need to determine what fish ailment you are dealing with. Parasites, bacteria and fungus can all invade our fish ponds but there are many effective controls. We carry naturally-derived medications such as MelaFix and PimaFix for parasites and fungus,(respectively) as well as cures for ich and fish lice, etc. Non-iodized salt is a fantastic remedy for many fish ailments as long as it is applied at the proper dosage; we offer Pond Salt in a 10 lb. box with directions.

Additionally, chlorine must be removed from ponds that have just had city water added to them, so a product such as First Choice chlorine remover is a must have (unless you use well water).

Predator control can involve using standing and floating decoys, motion sensors that repel with water or sound, and (usually as a last choice) pond netting. Blue Herons, raccoons, and cats can be controlled with these devices.(source: www./pondandgardenwholesalers.com)

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