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Ornamental Fish Farming Gains Achieved

freshwater ornamental fish farming could provide livelihood for many people who menekuninya. In addition to people like the beauty of ornamental fish, many people who depend their lives on the cultivation and marketing of ornamental fish species varies. Not infrequently some farmers previously for the consumption of cultured fish such as catfish, tilapia, etc. guramih switch to his cultivation of ornamental fish. All was done because the economic potential of ornamental fish cultivation is more profitable than fish consumption. With maintenance and eating patterns almost identical to the consumption of fish, ornamental fish can generate greater revenue because the price of ornamental fish is more expensive. The key is really happy and ornamental fish culture in treatment.

When compared with the consumption of fish farming pemeliharaanya almost the same while the sales problems are usually rewarded with kiloan system of fish consumption, assessed by a system of ornamental fish tail, so that consumption of fish cultivation is more emphasis on quantity, so it takes a wider area and more facilities. The results emphasize the quality of ornamental fish so it can be done in a narrow area and can be done as a sideline. If you do not have a large pond, ornamental fish farming can be done in the aquarium or cement tanks are small enough. If the land available is small enough, we must be more selective in the maintenance of ornamental fish. ornamental fish that are kept fairly good quality while the quality is less good because it must soon take place diafkir.

There are various types of economic Valuable Ornamental Fish is high among other koi fish, manfish, Chef, Niasa, Redfin, Lemon, Comet, Sumatra Barb, Black Ghost, Alligators, Maya and other types of ornamental fish. ornamental fish, ornamental fish are usually looking for a hobby farmer and farmed fish.

Ornamental Fish One animal models: Koi

One reason why the cultivation of ornamental fish is selected in addition to having a high sales value, the process of spawning and seed treatments do not require substantial capital and operating hatchery / cultivated ornamental fish is still in certain areas that still have huge potential. Because like sometimes ornamental fish enthusiasts willing to spend money on millions of rupiah to have his dream of ornamental fish. This is what sometimes makes the price of ornamental fish jumped. Besides the beauty of ornamental fish are also favorites of factors that contribute to determine the price. In general, ornamental fish, which has the shape, color, beautiful skin would be worth quite expensive. Herein lies the key to the success of ornamental fish culture, producing a beautiful fish and good quality.

The existence of ornamental fish itself is no longer as mere entertainment or a hobby but has grown to become the object of which is used for educational purposes, research, medical and nature conservation purposes. Until now the freshwater ornamental fish is one type of non-oil exports of fishery commodities which can contribute substantial foreign exchange. With abundant wealth of ornamental fish, the better chance Indonesia as a leading exporter of this commodity is very wide open.

ornamental fish farm is one of the businesses that provide alternative sources of income to increase farmers' income / ornamental fish. Ornamental fish farming developed prospects. This is due in ornamental fish culture has the following advantages:
1. This technology is easily absorbed and applied, because the technology used
simple enough
2. ornamental fish culture can be cultivated scale household / small business, do not need large area
3. Rapid capital turnover, can be harvested within a short time frame.
4. ornamental fish can absorb labor.
5. A promising market both domestic and export markets.

Fish manfish

Fish manfish, Source Science & Technology Preview NET

Profile of Some Ornamental Fish Farmers

One example of ornamental fish breeders that are successful breeders of ornamental fish in Bekasi, now began to receive orders from abroad such as Japan and England, while fish is a popular ornamental fish freshwater tetra, botiya and zebra. An ornamental fish breeders, in Rawa Lumbu, Bekasi, Miskun, said the demand for ornamental fish started to come from overseas buyers and recently he has sent as many as 10 boxes of fish to the ornamental fish emasaran Jepang.P for an early exit from the country's interest fishermen from outside the country with the beauty of cultured fish in Bekasi and relatively cheap. cultivation of ornamental fish has been able to improve the local economy and even Bekasi became known as a supplier of high quality ornamental fish.

Another example is the Farmers Group Mina Makmur was founded by the Ministry of Fisheries Dati I Tulungagung District, which consists of ornamental fish farmers and the like in the Village Bendiljati Wetan.Pemilik hatcheries and aquaculture operations in early efforts to establish two plots utilize the existing pool, the beneficial owner of capital added to make the pond behind and in front of his house, now has 40 plots around the house and the other 45 plots the location of a swimming pool with all the land area of three hectares. Development of ornamental fish culture increasingly consider these efforts will serve as the principal livelihood in improving family welfare.

Another success story Sangkuriang Koi Breeder Farmers Group, Farmers Group, with a secretariat at Jln. Sangkuriang No. 1 RT 7 RW 5 Kel. Cipageran, Kec. North Cimahi, Cimahi. Farmers' group is a collection of ornamental Koi Fish Farmers have a background concern of its founders saw koi fish farmers in West Java which is less advanced. While winning the famous Koi Blitar in Indonesia today, the seeds came from West Java. After passing through a long process now Sangkuriang a rating of two-Koi Breeder Koi fish in the international competition in Tangerang in February 2009. This championship is an international competition that occurs in Koi implemented in Indonesia.

According to Ule, Founder Group Koi Farm Koi Breeder Sangkuriang fish farming has a favorable market prospect for many and unlimited. In addition, koi fish sales are relatively stable when compared with fish louhan boom just a moment. Similarly, her treatment is also relatively cheap compared Arowana fish. Each month the group managed Ule farmers can generate profits of at least USD 15 million

Fish Manfish Business Opportunities

Ornamental Fish Business is business enough to give hope, when compared with the maintenance of fish consumption patterns and feeding of ornamental fish ornamental fish are relatively the same, but the ornamental fish have high economic value. Although the demand for ornamental fish tend not to fish consumption demand but still fairly wide open. One of the ornamental fish has quite a promising business prospects is Manfish or Angle Fish Fish other than ornamental fish such as goldfish, Koi Fish and others. Manfish also called Angle Fish Fish / fish angel because due to the shape and attractive colors and gerakkannya quiet. That's why fans of freshwater ornamental fish, much like fish manfish.
To pursue fish farming businesses are not required manfish vast land, it can even be done in the aquarium or the paso of the soil, so it does not require a huge investment for this business. Besides marketing of fish manfish easy enough because a lot of fans through the shops of ornamental fish and ornamental fish market. Raising Business manfish fish can be done as a side business as an additional income on a scale family business or small business because it does not require substantial capital.

There are several types of fish Manfish known and developed in Indonesia among others are: Diamond (Diamond), Imperial, Marble and Black-White.
Fish Manfish Diamond (Diamond) has a shiny silver color to grayish green. On top is the head blackish brown to yellow color that along to the back.

Imperial Manfish fish has a silver base color, but her body decorated with four vertical lines of black / brown black. Fish Manfish Marble has a mixture of black and white colors that make up the vertical line. While the Black-White Fish manfish have black color decorate the back half of his body, and white colors adorn the front half including the head.

Black-White manfish

Black-White manfish
Fish Manfish Business Patterns

Manfish fish business aimed at fulfilling the demand of fish in several sizes manfish. Therefore ideally manfish fish business is doing breeding and rearing up to a certain size in accordance with market demand. To perform seeding and maintenance of the fish to be sold required manfish good treatment. Good care includes treatment of conditions of good water and terebas of hazardous chemicals such as ammonia and others. Besides swimming conditions must be sufficient available oxygen as an important substance for fish. To add the dissolved oxygen content in water added to the aerator. To filter the dirt in the pool is usually added manfish fish pond filter that filters out the physical or chemical impurities.
Fish breeders election Manfish

To get a good quality fish manfish must begin with a good selection is also good breeding parent fish manfish male or female.
a. A good parent has to be cultivated is more than six months old, the male parent with a 7.5 cm long and 5 cm in the female parent.

b. To determine the pair closely, that is by preparing the parent-parent who has cooked eggs in one vessel (2 x 2) square meters with a height of 30 cm of water. Manfish fish generally will choose their respective spouses. This can be seen at night, a fish that has been paired will separate himself from his group. This pair of fish that had been immediately appointed to be cultivated.
Fish Spawning mode Manfish

a. Spawning can be a tank, tub or the paso of the land, filled with water that has been deposited as high as 30-60 cm
b. Prepare the substrate can be a banana leaf, zinc, plastic, glass, ceramic or tile with a width of 10 cm and 20 cm long
c. Substrate placed in a side or supine d. Prior to the spawning, the male parent will clean the substrate with their mouth
e. After the spawning, the eggs will stick to the substrate. For a one-time spawning eggs dapt 2000 ~ 3000 grains numbered
f. During the spawning parent will be given food and water flea larva.
Fish Seed Rearing Manfish

After the parent spawning, hatching eggs can be done immediately. Hatcheries are a few ways:
a. Substrates that have been plastered egg lifted, to be moved into the hatchery tank. At the time of lifting the substrate sought to be an egg is always submerged in water, it can be used to bowl or other container which is included to place the spawning
b. A second way in which eggs hatched in the spawning place. After hatching (2 ~ 3 days) of seeds that are still attached to the substrate can be transferred to the aquarium. Removal of seeds carried in the same way

Some things to note in the maintenance of fish seed Manfish:
a. Aquarium incubate the eggs and the maintenance of the previous seed should be prepared first, by filling water that has been deposited 10 cm, and then provide information methyline blue a few drops, to prevent egg mortality due to fungal attack. Furthermore, given additional oxygen by using air pumps.
b. Eggs and seeds are still attached to the substrate does not need to be fed
c. After his release from the substrate (3 ~ 4 days) can be given food in the form of rotifers or filtered water fleas, during 5 ~ 7 days.
d. Subsequently the seeds were given without filtered water flea
e. After a week were given water fleas, seed halted a try given the hair worms.
Fish enlargement Manfish

After spawning the process goes well the next step is to conduct manfish fish rearing. Manfish fish enlargement can be done on some of the media pool. Enlargement can be done with the aquarium, cement tanks, swimming pool tarp to muddy the luas.Jika reared on natural feed of mud ponds will be more widely available so that the provision of additional food is not so much. If kept in an aquarium or the commander of cement there are some things to consider include:
1. After the worms eat the seeds of hair, thinning should be done in a larger aquarium
2. At 1.5 months as many as 1,000 individuals can spread the seeds on the vessel wall-sized (1.5 x 2) square meters with a height of water 15 sd 20 cm
3. Furthermore, sparse conducted two weeks by dividing the two, so that each pond is filled 100 tail
4. In limited circumstances the density of more than 100 individuals, provided the level of water added and given an air pump
5. Cleaning is done every day with dirt and water menyiphon as previously, or if the pond / aquarium has a good filter system does not need to do the clean water, add enough water if it begins to decline. Replacement of water and some can be done once a week. (Galeriukm).

Department of Fisheries, Jakarta, Jakarta.

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Decorative Betta Fish Livestock

Livestock Ornamental Fish Betta (Betta splendens) is indeed easy bother .. but if occupied, it will be a very promising business. especially when times more difficult to get a job like this ... yes now what?
Now, if interested in doing business this .. fish hickey must first know the ways developing culture of this beautiful fish:
To cultivate or develop the Betta fish does not require huge land, sufficient to provide an area of about five meters square. These fish are relatively easily maintained and cultivated, because it does not require special feed. Fish feed is usually used to seed the form of natural food or water flea daphnia sp. which can be found in a ditch in which the water stagnant. Hickey used for mains feed from the mosquito larva (encuk). For growing children can fish and water fleas are interspersed with hair worms, will further accelerate the growth of juveniles ..

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These young girls like such as ornamental fish that are ready to be selected by the guests who came to visit him.

These young girls like such as ornamental fish that are ready to be selected by the guests who came to visit him.

Finding Htl tvl on Jl Mangga Besar, it is not too difficult. In front of Jl Lokasari no red lights, turn right, and about 50 meters on the left, we will find a four-storey hotel is in her yard is always crowded parking lot packed with cars of various brands.

Tvl hotel is a three star hotel which has the most comprehensive entertainment facilities of three star hotels other. In addition to a room, the hotel also provides a karaoke room, disco, spa, massage, and 'firing range'.

Not surprisingly, this Tvl hotel every night always visited the guests who want to travel lust.

Every guest who came certainly will not miss the second floor of the hotel. Because there is a restaurant in addition to rendevouz with beautiful girls who is also the place escort ladies display karaoke, there is also next to a large aquarium containing young girls to kencam short-time.

Unlike the LC can also be karaoke to dating, but the pricing is very varied and has no clear benchmark.

"There is Rp1 million, Rp1, 5 million, and there is Rp2 million. Depending on the child, Mas. He who makes his own price," says Lisa, a 'mami' in the restaurant.

"That's Fanny. He wants to date the origin of Rp2 million, it has a beautiful daughter. Singkawang China, before a date he would menemanin karaoke," says mom was again explained.

According to mom, cewel-LC cewel karoeke who feel has a beautiful face and a prima donna bandrol installing high enough, while the mediocre average tariff of Rp1 million.

While for young girls in the aquarium, the benchmark price is clear. With money no more than 300,000, including room, condoms, and soft drinks, guests can enjoy the 'nautical tourism' by selecting a date according to their respective tastes. The average girl in the aquarium is still young aged between 16-22 years.

In the aquarium it every day not less than 30 girls who stand by sitting around an ornate, ngerumpi, or daydreaming waiting guests.

They were divided into two shitf, the first shift starting at 16:00 until 20:00 o'clock, while the second shift from 20:00 pm until 2:00 o'clock in the morning.

"That, Mas, whose hair was long No. 27, just arrived. Cepet lho selected, Myspace hurried taken," said Mami Else, who served in the room the aquarium when we were looking at there.

Soon mommy is calling no 27 and introduced him to me. "This Erni, Mas. Only a week in Jakarta from Indramayu," said another mom.

"Just Rp210.000 thousand, Mas.'ve Same room and get a condom, not expensive khan," said mom again promote.

Erni white with 165 cm height was seen with gleaming eyes coquettishly while continuing to clamp my hand.

For room can choose, whether in hotels or in a special room in the aquarium which is also a plus-plus massage place. Obviously a different price for hotel rooms, each guest room rates hotels charged Rp150.000/jam.

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How to Set Your Fish Tank Effectively

How to Set Your Fish Tank EffectivelyOne of the most important tasks for any aquarist is correctly setting up a new fish tank. Before introducing any fish to their new habitat, it must be fully stocked with everything they will need. This will include a filter, lights, hiding places, water of the right temperature and pH as well as enough room for them to swim comfortably. Even aquarium kits that are marketed as complete will often neglect to include adequate hiding space for your fish, so be sure that each item is present and set up before buying your first fish. Every species of fish has unique space and temperature requirements, and the requirements for your fish of choice must be researched before a tank is purchased. Well-planned fish tanks are not only beautiful, they promote healthy fish.

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The Red Alert Kitchen Fish Tank- Aquarium

The Red Alert Kitchen Fish Tank- AquariumThe Red Alert Kitchen Fish Tank- Aquarium

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Excellent Red Fish Tank Aquarium

The Excellent Red Fish Tank AquariumThe Excellent Red Fish Tank Aquarium

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